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Each customer business is different. Picking the right approach, tools, partners, environments and project model require understanding the customer case parameters and selecting the right expertise, competencies and tools.

Analytics+ network makes sure that customer case is understood and the project is fitted that creates desired deliverables.


As an Analytics+ customer we help you understand the value of your data as a business asset .


Analytics+ partners create analytics methods, tools, customization and environments fitter for you.


Analytics+ partners can help companies to invest in right insights that create a useful solution.


Analytics+ partners carry out customer solutions and delivery that turns your data into a business asset.

What’s in it for business & PPP customers?

1.One-stop service for all your analytics needs


• From “don’t use data analytics yet..”

• To “I’m advanced and want more”

2.Get deep insight in joint expertise in academia and business through events, project invites, alerts and more.

3.Our fair terms framework:

• We use several standard and established project engagement models (anything from consulting to B2B sub-contracting and PPP research models)
• For eachcase, we use established contract terms under Finnish Law
• Analytics+warrants right to use our partners and customers as a reference

What’s in it for business & PPP customers?

What’s in it for data analytics companies?

1. Gain new networks in both research community and business.

2. Increase your deal flow and revenue.

3. Expand your offering with joint competence of academia and partners.

4. Term framework:

• NDA:s by A+. (Future projects for academia must not be restricted.)
• Reference for A+.
• Publication rights for academia guaranteed.
• Details case-by-case.

What’s in it for data scientists and researchers?

1.Get direct access to new networks in research community and business.

• Multi-disciplinary data analytics seminars, workshops, special events.

2.Get access to new projects, funding opportunities and consultations.

3.Get unique insight into private sector business needs.

4.Researcher will maintain her status as a member of her research unit.

• Membership requires acceptance from researcher’s superior.

5.Our fair terms framework:

• NDA:s by A+. (Future projects in academia must not be restricted.)
• Publication rights for academia guaranteed.
• Exceptions are handled as special case.

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