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About us

Analytics+ is a growth enabler for you

Analytics+ offers you an easy access to find best data analytics partners for your needs. With us, you can start harvesting business value from your data. This is the door to utilizing new data business models in partnership with top analytics companies and data scientists.

Our network of experts helps you to understand how analytics can help your business. You will get deeper insights on the value and meaning of your data, which brings business advantage. Your current processes can also be enhanced by connecting them to data.

we offer

For customers / end users:

A whole set of data analytics products and services easily, efficiently and with good quality.

For researchers:

New partners/contacts, channel for commercialization, channel for employment, viewpoints of needs and challenges in business.

For partners:

More business, new customers, viewpoints and opportunities for contributing/participating in the latest research and development topics.

See the highlights of the AI offerings of member companies:

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